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Ultimate Guide to Vieques, PR

When the ferry first drops you off at Vieques, you won't be in the town where Esperanza Inn is located. Instead, you'll be docked in the town of Vieques, where most of the tourist shops lie. Because you'll need to travel through this small town to reach your hotel room, we highly recommend familiarizing yourself with this area.

We will be going to many of the highlights of Vieques, as well as some stops you'll probably want to make before you get here. We hope you enjoy this rundown of the town!

Transportation and Stores

Obviously, you cannot enjoy your vacation if you don't have your essentials, and while you could easily pack food, snacks, and drinks to last you the vacation, you might need to buy some.

Additionally, transportation on our island can be difficult if you are underprepared (as we talk about in our transportation article), so be aware of these rental services to save yourself a headache.

Transportation Rentals

Scooter Rentals
One of the preferred methods of transportation by many who travel to our island is scooters. It's affordable, lightweight, and will save you money on gas.

Scooters for Rent
Address: 346 Calle Antonio Mellado, Vieques
Offers: Golf Carts and Scooters

Car Rentals
If you want a car, a golf cart, or even a jeep, you should head to some of these car rental locations.

Coqui Car Rental
Hours: 8AM - 6PM
Address: 571 CII Plinio Peterson, Vieques

Vieques Car Rental
Hours: 9AM - 5:30PM
Address: Calle Canon

Supermercado Morales

Hours: 7AM - 7:30PM (Times may vary on weekends)

Address: 13 Calle Baldorioty de Castro #19, Vieques

The local supermarket can make a great first stop before you head to your hotel room. You'll find many of the snack and food options you expect at home.

However, you should be aware that most things will be marked up significantly because of shipping costs. Just don't get mad at the cashier if your groceries cost more than usual.

Restaurants in Vieques

Those craving some delicious Puerto Rican grub will not be disappointed! There are several amazing restaurants in town for you to choose from. Here is a list of our personal favorites!

El Yate
Hours: 11AM - 11PM
Address: CII Morropo St.

Hours: 5:30PM - 9PM (Tuesday and Thursday)
Closed Friday - Monday and Wednesday
Address: 453 Calle Carlos Lebrum, Vieques

Rising Roost
Hours: 8AM - 1PM (Wednesday - Sunday)
Address: 110 C. Munoz Rivera, Vieques

Mar Azul
Hours: 4PM - 11PM (Friday - Sunday)
Address: 577 German Rieckehoff, Vieques

Tourism + Entertainment

Those looking for something to do after they've already unpacked their suitcase may find their way back to Vieques! The northern town offers many of the excursion experiences you are likely to be interested in, or you may find a souvenir that you can't go without!

Luna Loca Art Gallery
Address: #99 Calle Luis Munoz Riviera, Vieques
Hours: 9AM - 5PM (Monday - Saturday)
Closed on Sunday

If you enjoy cultural art and drawings, then you'll love walking through town to find the Luna Loca Art Gallery. You can admire the artworks and even buy a piece for yourself!

Black Beard Sports
Address: 53 C. Benitez Guzman, Vieques
Hours: 10AM - 2PM (Monday - Saturday)
Closed on Sunday

This is the place you go to rent water equipment. You can also come here if you want to go on a snorkeling excursion! Make sure to reach out to the company beforehand so you can book the activities for your trip! Contact them here.

Coqui Fire Cafe
Address: Calle Carlos Lebrum
Hours: 5PM - 9PM (Monday - Friday)
Closed on Saturday and Sunday

Buy some locally made hot sauce! This is the real stuff, and will leave your face sweating and straining. Perfect for those looking for a challenge.

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